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Transform Your Relationship With Social Media

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Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed by social media? If you are on any platform, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., I am guessing the answer is yes.

Trust me, I get it. I used to feel this way every single day.

I was constantly juggling how to share my message in an authentic way while still wanting to curate a beautiful feed and build my business. The pressure of figuring out what to write, find the right photo and making sure I was posting at the correct time of day left me feeling majorly uninspired and burnt out.

All of that shifted when I began working with the leading voice in conscious social media, Ksenia Avdulova. Within our first conversation, I began to see social media and how I was approaching it in an entirely new light. One that made me feel energized, powerful and excited.

A few of the tools she taught me that shifted how I show up on social media:

  • A concept I still think about every time I open Instagram which is that social media is just like money, the energy is neutral. We give it energy and have a choice in how we want to approach and utilize the platform.
  • Social media is not a numbers game, it is not about sharing photos you think people will like and hoping your follower count goes up. It is about energetic alignment. People are craving authenticity and each one of us has an important message to share.
  • Show up consistently and share where you are at right now, take your community on the journey with you.
  • Doing the inner work = a deeper connection to your intuition = clarity in your message.
  • You do NOT need to spend hours on your phone every day to have a profitable online presence, it is actually counterintuitive to building a magnetic brand.

I love to learn from Ksenia because she lives what she teaches every day. She is a force with multiple brands spreading powerful messages that are creating a shift in the collective consciousness. This includes Breakfast Criminals, her Woke & Wired Podcast and Crystal Criminals. That is the kind of energy I love to invest in and surround myself with. I know I will constantly be learning, growing and evolving as a person.

This is one of the many reasons I am not only excited but honored to be sharing her work with you. She recently launched her Conscious Social Media Program, 15+ years in the making filled with everything you need to know to create a magnetic and profitable online presence. You can dive into all the details here

If you have any questions, comment below or email I will be going through the course with you and hope to see you there!

Create a magnetic, profitable online presence in this live, 8-week online program. These tools have transformed my life and business and I am so excited Ksenia is sharing them with the world. 

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