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Whether you’re wanting to learn how to open the Akashic Records yourself or cultivate a holistic toolkit to explore healing in all areas of your life, our self-guided courses are steeped in over 12 years of practical experience, understanding and knowledge. We offer meditations, audio teachings, written guides, ritual practices, and journaling in a powerful, accessible format to meet you wherever you are on your journey.  This is a sacred container for your unique process, healing, and expansion.

Courses & Workshops

Trust the

If you are feeling called to this work, trust that all you need is an open heart and an open mind to get exactly what you need from the experience. It’s how I’ve approached the courses and workshops in my own self-education journey, and they have been an incredible catalyst of healing, growth, and expansion. It’s why I’m so passionate about putting these tools in your hands because they’re not just courses or containers, but invitations to be available for Miracles.


With love and gratitude,



“Such a beautiful offering! I was called so clearly to do this and received a transformational healing and tune up in my Records through this simple course and process. The money investment and initial time doesn’t represent the amazing value I’ve already received. Beautiful work.”

This is a remembering of your Soul and its journey.

- SHEL POWERS, BRAND STRATEGIST & website designer

"I can't put into words the transformation and feelings I have towards my healing journey. Inner Alchemy showed me how to move gently through healing and will be something I will return back to for the rest of my life."

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Introduction to the
Akashic Records

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