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Introduction to the Akashic Records


Social media. It can be both a source of endless inspiration and a complete energy suck. If you use social media in any way, it is the PERFECT opportunity to practice self-care and create healthy boundaries.

After taking close to a year off from social media, I knew that with the launch of The Dreamerie and in my excitement to share more of myself in this space, I had to create guidelines for myself in order to:

1. Protect my energy
2. Prevent it from taking over my life and away from the present moment
3. Feel inspired + empowered when I am on it (ensuring that it is a source of fun and enjoyment rather than one of sadness and insecurity)

My personal practices for social media self-care:


I have learned that I must be very protective of my energy. If I feel, even for a moment, that someone is taking my energy through their words, being overly negative, or coming from a low vibration, I unfollow them. Simple as that. It has nothing to do with them and everything to do with protecting myself.

Follow those that I love + feel inspired by 

I have recently become even more keenly aware of who I am following and why. I made a separate account to follow some of my favorite influencers and those who act as a source of inspiration for me in business, and use @the_dreamerie for those I wish to connect with and whose work I love and support.

Morning routine first 

My mornings are sacred to me. I do not open social media until I have journaled, meditated, and had quiet time to myself.


I am constantly checking in with myself to see where I am emotionally. I ask myself questions like, “Am I in an emotional state strong enough to be on social media right now?” If the answer is no, I don’t even open it. I also constantly ask myself, “What am I looking for when I am on social media?” Inspiration? Responding to comments? Validation? If I am looking for inspiration or responding within the community, I will set a timer for myself for 30 minutes to stay aware of how I am utilizing my time. If it is validation, I log off.


It is great to be connected, but you become even more powerful knowing when to unplug. Checking our phone and social media can be addictive and sometimes it takes fully unplugging to get into a different mental space.

Share only when it feels inspiring

I do not feel the need to share throughout the day or even every day for that matter. Yes, there is potential that it could slow down the growth of my business, but that is ok with me. My mental sanity is more precious to me than anything else.

Stay present 

When I am with family, friends and loved ones, I make it a point to stay present with them. If there is a moment I want to share, I ask if they mind, capture it, and then save it to edit and upload at another time. This helps me to create a balance of being with those that I care about/creating memories while also sharing through The Dreamerie.

These rules help me stay sane, grounded, and are a big part of my personal self-care while I work to grow this site and share my message.

As an introvert, putting my heart and work out for others to see is thrilling but also exhausting. To all the entrepreneurs and anyone who is actively sharing themselves/their life/work on social media, I have this reminder for you: Everyone will have opinions on what you do. Everyone will think they know best. If you follow your heart and put out into the world what feels good for YOU, that energy will come back tenfold.

We are all humans looking for the same three things—love, acceptance, and connection. If you feel yourself getting into the comparison headspace, remember to unplug, that what you are looking at is someone else expressing their reality through filtered lenses. This is where your self-care boundaries and reconnection with your self-worth become crucial. In the end, this is all a mental game; the more you take care of yourself, the more you build internal energy that makes you invincible.

Comment below with the tools that help you practice self-care with social media — I am always looking to add to my toolbox!


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