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Introduction to the Akashic Records


I am thrilled to share the evolution and next phase of my work, Cultivating Inner Awareness.  As I shared on Instagram Friday and will dive deeper into below, after my launch a few months ago a lot of unexpected emotions started coming up for me around my work. I felt out of alignment and wanted clarity so badly. Since I knew this clarity couldn’t be rushed I decided to take a step back, tune in to my heart & create space for the answers to come through.

I learned it is ok to take a step back in your life and just be with yourself, to reflect, change your mind and go another direction, to reinvent yourself. More than ok, it is encouraged.

If you are feeling stuck in any way, give yourself the time you need, without an expiration date. The world won’t crumble but you will begin to see things from a different perspective and access the information you need.

I am dedicated to living + creating from my heart as the most authentic version of me. Sometimes that means periods of quiet time to go inward + sometimes this means having a lot of patience and asking the Universe for answers. It always means asking for support.

When I gave myself permission to just be, so much came through. You know that feeling when you come up with an idea and you just have to share it with the world or you feel like you will burst? That is exactly how I feel right now. As soon as clarity came the information just began to flow and I couldn’t be more grateful to have this space to share it all.

What is Cultivating Inner Awareness?

Cultivating Inner Awareness is the practice of stillness + a supportive space for deep healing where you will gain the tools to access your intuition, master your energy and own your uniqueness.

Everything is energy and therefore the practice of awareness is the groundwork with which healing, transformation and a deeper connection (to yourself + others) take place. It is through Cultivating Inner Awareness that you will be empowered to step into the truest form of who you are in every area of your life, from your relationships, to your career, how you express yourself and beyond.

We are all unique in an infinite amount of ways and through this process can begin to release the stories of what the world has told us we should be and instead step into the most authentic version of who we are.

Cultivating Inner Awareness is about building internal energy to empower you to handle whatever life brings your way. This practice is an accumulation of the personal tools I have used for the past decade to deeply heal myself. It is the first step in understanding your unique mind, body, and soul. Connecting back to the power you hold within. It is about understanding and utilizing the tools that work for YOU and leaving the rest.

I am honored to create this safe container to work through whatever is going on in your life now and offer guidance to access your intuition, master your energy and fully own the magnetic, unstoppable human you are.  

Behind the scenes: How it came to be + Universe Synchronicities

I launched The Dreamerie blog and my 1:1 sessions about four months ago and since then I have gone through some serious growth spurts in connecting deeper to my message, what my work is all about and who this work is for. As I shared above, almost immediately after launching the first iteration of my work, named “self-care sessions” I felt a deep disconnect to the word in self-care and how I was using it. To the point where the word self-care actually started to annoy me! (crazy right?!?) I felt a lot of blocks coming up for me around my purpose and vision for my business. On top of that, I began to notice a pattern in my sessions where we began going so much deeper than simply self-care routines. I knew there was a message behind all of this and that this work was bigger than I even knew.

It was around this time that I got a download that I needed to do a breathwork session and as the Universe does, Erin Telford showed up on my Instagram stories sharing a story that felt like she was speaking to me and I immediately signed up. (I HIGHLY recommend a virtual breathwork session with her, it was one of the most profound healing experiences I have had thus far). This session, in combination with weekly talks with my teacher + mentor Taylor Eyewalker and a Human Design reading with Jenna Zoe allowed for so many powerful insights to come through that supported me in connecting deeper to my purpose.

I slowed down on posting on social media and only shared when I really felt inspired. I started using the hashtag #cultivatinginnerawareness because it so deeply resonated with the work I was doing on myself and every client I had the pleasure of supporting. One day I had the download to see who else was using this hashtag and to my surprise, I was the only one. It felt completely in alignment and in that moment I knew, this is it. Once I released my hold, the Universe brought the answer to me as it often does. I purchased the domain and have been updating my site in a way that feels so in alignment with every ounce of my being. 

And so it is! The ebbs and flows of life, constantly growing and changing, there is so much power to be had in fully surrendering and trusting the Universe.

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