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Introduction to the Akashic Records


An outfit is not just the clothes we choose to wear but a creative expression of our internal energy.

For years I went back and forth with the idea of sharing my outfits and personal style. Would it be viewed as narcissistic and materialistic? Would people judge me or even really want to see? These thoughts were based in fear and came from a misguided place.

It was before I really understood that every woman, of every age, size, race and ethnicity, is striving to deeply understand themselves. Personal style is one of the most monumental and powerful aspects of this.

The way we choose to represent ourselves, the colors we wear, fabrics, fit and accessories are our conscious and subconscious message to the outside world. A persona we created either out of clarity for who we are or confusion based on who we think we should be.

My personal love for fashion came at a very young age. Grabbing stacks of magazines and running to my room to cut them up and make lookbooks which has now translated into a love of Pinterest and way too many outfit inspiration folders on my desktop.

Getting dressed is a spiritual experience. How do you want to feel today? With the right intention and understanding, you can create the energy you need.

Style is a way to connect, to dream, to express. I thank you for sharing in my personal journey and I look forward to watching you step into your style power.

Dress: KES NYC
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Photography by: Emily Lambert

Dreamer Style - KES NYC Midi Dress

Dreamer Style - KES NYC Midi Dress

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