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Lindsay is an intuitive tarot reader, writer, teacher, heart-centered healer and the founder of Tarot for the Wild Soul. I am so honored to be sharing this bright light today on The Dreamerie.

Lindsay and I met many years ago at a Numinous event in Brooklyn and I was immediately drawn to her warm and open energy. I then took her Tarot class at Spirit Weavers and completely fell in love with her ability to be so down to earth and transparent while teaching tarot, a subject that had felt intimidating to me up until that point. 

As you will see in the interview below, Lindsay has taken her pain and used it as the fuel to bring space, light and healing to those experiencing mental, emotional, and/or physical suffering. She has taught 1000’s of students around the world utilizing Soul Tarot, a method she created as a “way of interpreting and intentionally utilizing the Tarot as a tool for our soul's growth and evolution” and is also the host of her weekly podcast Tarot for the Wild Soul which I can’t recommend enough.

I am so inspired by the incredible person Lindsay is and the way she has taken her experiences and used them to make a difference in so many lives. She is a beautiful role model for stepping into your truth, owning your story, and using that as a catalyst for healing.

LINDSAY MACK •Tarot Reader, Teacher, Writer + Heart-Centered Healer

Tell us about your background, the journey that led you to this point and what brought you down a path of healing + self-discovery?

In terms of my journey, it’s been a lifelong one, totally born out of me wanting to heal myself. Everything I do with other people is what I’ve lived through myself. The path chose me, not the other way around. It took me a little while to understand that this was my calling in life -- there were a lot of rocky patches leading up to that point, helping me along the way.

I got into Tarot around age 12, and started giving readings in middle school all the way up into college. I never did it for money, it was a really magical escape from my life at the time, which was very difficult. I was in an extremely abusive, traumatic situation at home, I was really brutally bullied in school; I was a traumatized, strange little kid and teenager. Tarot and magic connected me to something infinite within myself and the world that was not available to me in my regular life -- it also connected me with a gift in myself, which was the ability to see into people with a lot of compassion. I didn’t understand that that was part of my intuitive gift until I was much older, in my thirties.

I sort of dropped Tarot in my mid-twenties and spent the next few years getting my coaching and holistic counseling certifications, which absolutely opened my world up. I co-opened and founded a wellness center in Manhattan called Sophrosune Wellness in 2011 with a brilliant yoga teacher, Diana Scime. We offered bespoke wellness coaching and yoga to people, but I never felt like it was the perfect fit for me. It had nothing to do with the center or with my partner, it was my path. I knew it was missing something, but couldn’t tell what that was. It turned out, what it was missing was basically all of me! At that time, I was living really safe, really scared, trying to live a normal life with PTSD. There was a huge part of myself that I felt I couldn’t really go near, which included my intuition and connection to Divine.

Two years ago, all of my PTSD and constant anxiety and depression came to a head, and I had a total nervous breakdown that reached a peak four days before my wedding. I chose the right doctor, responded appropriately, and was able to get married and begin a gentle process of healing that changed my entire life; I got very lucky with the treatment I got put on, which undoubtedly saved my life. After that experience, everything that didn’t completely align with me got very unceremoniously axed from my life -- it was a live or die moment. I chose life. From there on out, I had no fucking clue what I was going to do with my life, but I had never been happier. My nervous system was healing, I was shifting lifelong traumas with truly amazing results, and I was gently working my way out of old fears with the help of my beloved mentor; walking into hell and back and living to tell the tale. I was not only surviving, but thriving for the first time in my life. I was evolving.

It was on a chance meeting at a shop in Fort Greene about four months after that that Tarot came back into my life -- I went in to propose a pop-up to the owner (seemed like a lovely thing to do), and came out having agreed to read Tarot at her store two days later. I still to this day don’t know what made me say that I read Tarot, by the way. I hadn’t picked up a deck in a very long time. It was just one of those moments -- I knew to say yes.

I went home, re-memorized a little about each card, read for about a dozen people, and the rest is history. I fell in love with it in a way I never had before. The owner of the store took a chance on me, and I got to hone my skills and practice with the people who shopped in that store for about six months. Then I got hired to be a reader at Maha Rose, and then I began to practice only out of my home. About 10 months ago, I started offering intuitive coaching with Tarot, and opened a full NYC and Skype based Tarot School. My work and practice keep getting deeper and deeper --  it is very rewarding to value commitment to my healing, path and service as I do.

Sitting there, reading with those people, I experienced something that clicked for me so profoundly. It was truly the perfect place, perfect time, perfect experience. It was the perfect blend of my skills: coaching, listening, seeing, kindness, intuitive interpretation, empowerment. The more I read for people, the louder my intuition became; the more I read for myself, the more I healed, understood why my life had been what it was before I woke up, and how I could keep evolving on the path now. It is truly my calling, but it was a crazy road to get there.

When were you first introduced to tarot cards? What was that experience like?

My introduction to tarot cards was seeing a Rider Waite deck for the first time in a used bookstore in Montclair, NJ at the age of 12. I didn’t know what Tarot was, and I hadn't previously been exposed to them, but I knew immediately that they needed to come home with me that night. It was truly a quantum shift. I think my Dad bought them for me that night, along with some books on Tarot, and I dug in that very evening. It was awesome! (Thanks, Dad!)

What does tarot mean to you and how has studying + teaching it shifted your perspective of life? 

Tarot literally means everything to me. It is such a special, precious and wonderful thing in my life. I sincerely wouldn’t be here without it. Tarot has taught me that we cannot just sit on a mat, on our couches, lost in ideas; we must ask questions, look around us, practice, reach, listen and read and then see what we think. We must get muddy, choose confusion, choose grace. We have to practice and walk the path. We have to evolve. It is a powerful thing, to commit to learning a language like Tarot. You have to be willing to go DEEP into your life, into your soul -- if you choose that, it will follow and expand with you. It is an amazing relationship, one that I am endlessly grateful for.

Teaching it has multiplied that gratitude by a million, and has truly cemented in me that each person has their own special way of understanding Tarot -- my job is to empower the student, not teach them what I think a certain card means. I love witnessing my students growing, shifting and becoming more confident. The more I teach it, the more of a student of it I become.

How do you work with clients?

I no longer do readings, as my practice has expanded beyond the container of one on ones, but I am a teacher, coach, mentor and facilitator of soul centered Tarot.

Above all, I am committed to supporting people in disidentifying with their brain chemistry and untrue beliefs from a soul centered lens. Thoughts and feelings are not synonymous with truth, but it can be really tough to remember that when an area of our life becomes too hard for us to see it objectively. That’s where a good reading, or a deep dive with a Tarot training can come into play. The soul, the truest essence of us, always remembers, always knows. In my experience, the client already knows the truth; they’ve just forgotten or become confused. That is really easy, as the brain is MUCH louder and noisier than the soul or guides are. My job is to help to get them unstuck -- to see them with genuine compassion, and to offer wisdom from a birds eye view on how they can see their situation in a different way.

How can we use tarot cards as a reference + guide to navigate our experiences? 

The key is to ask how we can grow and expand through an experience, rather than how to go around or over it. That is really what the Tarot helps us to understand: not when something will be over, but how we can expand through it with grace, how we can evolve through it; what we are mastering or being invited into. What it is teaching us.

Most of the time, if something is uncomfortable, difficult, or unclear in our lives, it is evidence of a spiritual labor of some kind that is unfolding for us; a life/death/life cycle. We can lean on our deck as a kind of doula during these times, asking for support, guidance and an objective view of what it is that we are birthing from the situation. It, as Tara Brach so wisely says, “does not make the waves go away, but it does change our relationship to them.”

I like to ask these simple questions of my deck when I’m moving through any intense experiences:

  • What is in my highest and best to know at this time?
  • What am I being invited to pay attention to?
  • What is this situation teaching me?

Who/what/where do you draw inspiration from?

My sacred mentor, Michelle Sinnette, my lovely husband, deep connection with nature. Inspiration is really everywhere for me.

Best advice you ever received?

Trust yourself.


Go-to style/beauty/health/fitness professionals? 

Britta Plug! Britta has totally transformed my skin, and has taught me so much. She’s so knowledgeable.

What does self-care mean to you? 

Honoring the true needs of my body without superimposing what I think I “should” be doing in any given moment. It helps me to stay very honest with myself and very aligned with my intuition, which knows much better than I usually do what it actually needs. I am learning more and more each day to listen.


What are your favorite products in your holistic beauty cabinet?

Anything Laurel skincare, and anything by Wildling! I am also obsessed with Poppy and Someday, and love their Pitta and Vata spray, as well as their emerald salve.

What is your current skincare routine? 

Morning: Laurel oil cleanser with a warm washcloth, and then I use Wildling’s Empress elixir spray and oil. I wear zero make up, so after the above steps, I’m good to go!

Night: Same thing, with the addition of gua sha.

Beauty product you don’t leave home without?

Just lip balm! I am so boring!


What role does fashion and personal style play in your life? How does this tie into your view on wellness?

I love everything in my closet, and it is amazing medicine. I am not sure how it ties into my view on wellness (I will have to think more on it!) but always feel amazing in what I wear, and I do think that is very connected to what feeds our soul.

Outfit you feel most comfortable in?

A chic, gigantic black tunic, black jeans, boots, and some kind of draped, black, fitted coat. 

Favorite stores/places to shop (online or in-person)?

Favorite piece(s) of jewelry and the story behind it?

My (new) wedding ring, which I just got a few months ago!

My husband and I got married five years ago, and my wedding ring got damaged a few months after our wedding, and we always said that we would get another one when it felt right. A few months ago, we found it, and I am in love with it. All I do is look at my hand.

Mind, Body & Soul

Daily rituals to keep you grounded?

Time at my altar, journalling, breathwork, meditation, cooking, and quality time with my husband and kitty.

Favorite books on Tarot?

I love Rachel Pollack’s books.

Favorite quote or mantra?

“May I offer my love, whether it is accepted, rejected, or met with indifference.”

Current favorite ways to stay active?

Walking and hiking!

How do you unwind at the end of the day and on weekends?

Honestly, it is all connected to my phone. Because I don’t work set days or hours, I have extreme rigorous boundaries around screen time, because my cell phone is my office!

Unwinding all starts with turning off my phone and coming back to my life, my partner, and my body with my full attention. Sometimes, it means that I have my phone off all day. It really depends on what I need on any given moment. That act really opens me up to being able to reach for something that truly nourishes and resets my energy.

What are the “jewels” in your life? (i.e. your passions, favorite topics, people, places, etc.)

I have a few random jewels in my life right now! One of them is the podcast, “Reply All,” which is decidedly not witchy or spiritual, but I am nevertheless obsessed with it. I love @alicesparklykat on Instagram, who is one of the most brilliant astrologers I’ve ever encountered. I am planning my first trip abroad this year, and am obsessively researching the Isle of Skye, and the best gardens around the lakes of Italy.

What are your dreams for the future + projects you are excited about?

My book and a Tarot deck have been floating around in the ethers for a little while, hopefully they will come down in physical form sometime soon!

Beyond that, I am preparing to launch my Tarot course again, and am working on a project with a collaborator, and a course about intuition for the fall!

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