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Katie Hess is an alchemist, spiritual seeker and the creator of the transformational flower remedies line, LOTUSWEI. We first met at last year’s Indie Beauty Expo in NYC, and I was instantly drawn in by her vibrant energy and a sparkle about her that I knew I needed to learn more about.

It was at that expo that I tried my first product, the Quiet Mind Anointing Oil. I closed my eyes and immediately felt a shift. My shoulders relaxed and a sense of calm swept over me. I was hooked. It was the first product I went home with and since that moment, not a day has gone by that I haven’t incorporated her products into my routine. Whatever I am needing, there is a remedy to shift my mood and physiology. Whether it is a few drops of the Joy Juice Elixir in my morning tea or a spritz of Inspired Action before getting to work, these products will tune you in and give you exactly what you need at that moment.

Katie has been working with flower remedies for over 15 years, and in this special dreamer profile, she is giving us an inside look at her life, how LOTUSWEI came to be, the benefits of these flowers and how you can begin to incorporate their healing powers into your life.

Dreamer Profile: Katie Hess of Lotus Wei

KATIE HESS • Flower Alchemist & Creator of LOTUSWEI

Can you please share with us your background, when you first became enthralled with flower remedies and what inspired the creation of LOTUSWEI?
After graduating college and living in Europe for several years, I moved to central Mexico. It was there that I first discovered flower remedies and studied with a flower essence expert from Spain. I was inspired by the way he taught – not just about flowers and their benefits – but he explained that if we could get 3% of the world’s population to use flower remedies regularly, it could change the outcome of the future in a very positive way. It was a big vision, one I wanted to be a part of. After working with clients in Mexico, I moved back to the states and provided flower essence therapy consultations for over a decade. I witnessed so many incredible transformations in my clients – and wanted everyone around the world to have the opportunity, so I decided to make products in order to reach more people.

What are the benefits of using flower remedies? What is the best way to discover what flower is right for you?
There are so many benefits to using flower remedies, it’s crazy! In a nutshell, they kill the ego and show us our full potential. Mother Earth has an antidote for just about any wacky problem, head trip or stressful situation we could imagine. We all have our favorite flavor of self-limiting patterns, and the magic of flowers is that they unravel those patterns and show us the real version of us without all the filters.

In terms of choosing flowers, I strongly believe you intuitively know best what you need. For example, you can choose the flowers you are visually attracted to and 99.9% of the time it resonates with exactly what you need. Curious to test that theory? Of 24 flowers, click here and choose the three you’re most attracted to, and get a nine paragraph report explaining what it means about your state of mind right now.

Cactus ElixirWho/what/where inspires the different blends and remedies you create?
First and foremost, it is intuitive. I learned early on when I was doing consultations, that the intuitive method was often superior to my left brain logical way of figuring things out. So I rely mostly on that for the flower remedy part (as well as paying attention to what people need today). When I add aromatherapy to the flower remedies, this requires my nose and each formulation takes many hours of sniffing and blending, with weeks of waiting until the oils ‘marry’. Then a decision is made collaboratively with my team and community.

Can you take us through the process each creation goes through from idea to finished product?
• First, I ask myself: What do people really need today? What’s happening in the world, and what flowers are calling out to be made into a flower elixir?
• If blending with aromatherapy, I assemble a palette of essential oils that mirror or support the theme of the flower remedies
• I blend a bunch of samples together, mix the flower remedies + essential oils – and wait for synergy to occur
• Then I share the blends with my team + Flowerevolution community to see what everybody loves most (sometimes this involves shipping out hundreds of samples for everyone to try) and have them test it out to see what the effects are
• We gather up the most beautiful photography of the flowers + decide which flower gets featured on the bottle
• Then we get the labels/packaging designed, make the goodies + let people know!

You have a book coming out soon!! Can you please share more with us?
Yes! It’s called: FLOWEREVOLUTION: Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers

The book is a collaboration with filmmaker and friend of mine, Louie Schwartzberg. You may have seen his many inspiring TED talks or time-lapse photography of flowers, pollinators and nature scenes. The book features Louie’s stunning photography with full bleed flower and nature imagery.

There are two sections of the book: An interactive guide that reveals your inner state of mind – and action steps for catalyzing transformation – based on the flowers you’re most attracted to from stunning photographs of 48 flowers.

A reference book that shows plants/flowers’ ability to read our minds, de-stress us and help us experience more happiness and clarity. These unique healing powers of flowers can be captured in water and used as a powerful personal growth modality: flower elixirs. The book offers ways to use flower elixirs from birth to death and everything in-between, along with rituals to help you feel more connected to yourself, your loved ones and the earth.

What are the different ways we can use LOTUSWEI products?
Straight in the mouth (5 drops, 5x/day)
Water Bottle (full dropper each time you refill)
Beverages (5 drops to each beverage)
Pet’s water bowl

Mist around your head and shoulders and breathe deeply
Spray your pillow and sheets before bed
Mist a friend, colleague or loved one to give them a boost

Apply to your feet – give yourself a little foot rub each morning/night
Use as a body, bath or massage oil

Anointing Oils:
Apply to pulse points (5x daily for best results) like you would a natural perfume

Dreamer Profile: Katie Hess of Lotus WeiYou have done so many beautiful collaborations! (CAPtivator, Wei of Chocolate, Beauty By Britanie + Modern Minerals to name a few). Can you share more about these fusions of creativity and any upcoming collaborations?

CAPtivator: Sexy, libido-boosting mist + anointing oil made in collaboration with CAP Beauty in Manhattan, NYC

Wei of Chocolate: Flower essence-infused organic dark chocolate, in 9 different flavors/moods. Each bite-size piece is perfect for taking a break or meditating on the cocoa buttery richness of life. Annnnd, it’s dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, guilt-free!

Modern Minerals Lip Glosses (inspired by Beauty by Britanie): Flower + gem elixir infused lip glosses that smell amazing, taste good and make you feel more beautiful.

L’Apothecary Spa: A line of spa and lifestyle products for the creekside nature spa in Sedona, Arizona, featuring an essence of Oak Creek Canyon and aromatherapy of local trees of pinon and juniper with rose and lemon.

Upcoming collaborations:
Book with Louie Schwartzberg and Hay House Publishing
Beautiful two-day botanical event at the Botanical Garden in Naples, Florida, Jan 13-15, 2017.

Dreamer Profile: Katie Hess of Lotus WeiDiet

What is your philosophy on food and wellness?
In a perfect world, farm-to-table and garden-to-table are how I prefer to eat: home cooked veggies, fruits and clean meats. I also love street food from almost anywhere in Asia. In today’s crazy world, just eating healthy (no processed foods) is a win. And everything changes: instead of being really strict about any particular foods, I believe we can listen to our own bodies. We can ask ourselves: what do I need this year, this season, today? We should listen to our bodies, because what it needs changes. Currently, my body tells me to avoid white sugar, bread, wheat pasta, most dairy and all processed foods. It thrives on whole foods, veggies, fruits, eggs and meat.

What is a typical day of meals for you?
Morning: Coffee/espresso, eggs over easy with chili sauce
Lunch: Wraps at the office or one of us grabs food or makes food
Dinner: I either cook or one of my roommates cooks, usually Asian food

What are the staples in your kitchen that you can’t live without? (food, appliances, etc.)
Spiciness: fresh chilis or chili sauce with almost everything. Water. Orange-colored fruits like: mangoes, jackfruit, persimmons, nectarines. Coffee. Tea. Dark chocolate. Vitamix is fun for making salad dressings and the ice cream churner = cheap thrills + healthy, homemade, non-dairy ice cream.

What are your favorite ways to ingest your flower remedies?
Straight in the mouth – yum! I also like to add them to flavored waters in big carafes that we make at the office, like with lime juice or jasmine flowers.

Your favorite dish to cook at home?
My recent favorites: crab bamboo meatball soup, stir-fried bitter gourd with tons of garlic/ egg/chili, a Singaporean dish called Nasi Lemak, and a Korean soup called Kimchi Jigae.

Dreamer Profile: Katie Hess of Lotus WeiStyle

What roledoes fashion and personal style play in your life? How does this tie into your view on wellness?
I believe you can be elegant and comfortable at the same time. I love natural fibers (linen, silk, cotton). I buy clothing from ethical companies or handmade by artists + people I know. My view on wellness = everything natural, from nature. My clothing is the same.

What is your go-to outfit that you feel most comfortable in?
Linen pants + linen tunic – so airy + light + breathable! (I live in Phoenix, Arizona)

Favorite stores/places to shop for yourself? (Online or in-person)
Hmmm … lately anywhere I can find linen. If you want to splurge and treat yourself to an amazing bag made by hand that will last forever, check out Arden + James, and for the most exquisite hair accessories made by a friend of mine, Colette Malouf, check out this one (gulp).

Favorite piece of jewelry and the story behind it?
The necklace I always wear was a gift from my teacher. It’s a circular piece of green jade, with a flower in the center carved out of amethyst. It’s beautiful and exquisite, and protective.


What are your favorite products in your holistic beauty cabinet?
Oils, oils, oils (topically, like facial serums and internally, like fish oil)
Herbs (I love Gaia capsules & loose leaf herbal teas)
Flower elixirs

How do you recommend others utilize LOTUSWEI flower remedies in their routine?
Choose the method (elixir, mists, serum, anointing oil) that you love most – and that you’ll use the most frequently throughout the day (best results when using five+ times/day). For example, if you love tinctures and herbal teas, you’ll love the elixirs. If you love scents, the mists + anointing oils might be best for you. If you love morning + nighttime rituals, the serums may be best for you. Find ways to incorporate flower remedies into your everyday routine so the flowers can help you be your best all the time and accelerate personal growth.

What is your skincare routine?
Daily: Splash face with water and slather on oils. Occasionally: steam face in the sauna or with a hot cloth or exfoliate.

Go-­to homemade beauty recipe?
Sit in the sauna – it opens up the pores, cleans and detoxifies the skin and leaves you rosy + pink. Or do a meditation practice – over time it makes you happier, and happy = gorgeous.

Dreamer Profile: Katie Hess of Lotus WeiMind, Body and Soul

Daily rituals to keep you grounded?
Meditation, tai chi, flower elixirs, drinking water or tea, spending time outside, taking little breaks.

What is your favorite quote or mantra?
“Human beings cannot save the earth. Only trees can.” ~ Karma Sangye Rapten

A book that positively influenced your life?
The Life of Milarepa. Anything by Chogyam Trungpa or the 17th Karmapa More recently I really loved Big Magic (Elizabeth Gilbert) + The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (Marie Kondo) + the audio book called, Essentialism (Greg Mckeown).

Current favorite ways to stay active?
I absolutely LOVE salsa dancing, but it got a little too addictive, so now I just stick to Tai Chi and walking the dogs.

How do you unwind?
Sitting outside, meditation, tai chi, hanging out with family, sitting quietly, spending time with the dogs, occasional Netflix adventures.

What are the “jewels” in your life? (i.e. your passions, favorite topics, people, places, etc.) My spiritual practice. My teacher/s. My business. My family. My dogs. My team. Our flower powered community. Mother Earth. Flowers. Travel. Asia. Asian Bathhouses.

What do you see for the future of LOTUSWEI?
Positively impacting countless people. Perpetuating a huge worldwide ripple effect of happiness. Creating more and more exquisite products, and supporting our community with rituals and daily practices that help everyone reconnect to their greatness and actualize their full potential. Worldwide distribution. NYT Bestselling book. Collecting flowers from exotic places and sharing about it. Teaching people all over the world about the power of flowers/flower elixirs. Continuing to create a fun + inspiring work environment that encourages people to realize their full potential. Scaling our impact in fun and creative ways.

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Dreamer Profile: Katie Hess of Lotus Wei

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