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Don’t Let Anyone Dim Your Light

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Introduction to the Akashic Records


Have you ever been told you are “too much” of something? That you are too sensitive / emotional / inconsistent / loud / talkative or that your personality is just too much?

I know I have and it is a pattern I have seen emerging in my clients. Whether through media, society, family or friends, the judgment of being “too much” can cause you to question who you are, hold on to shame and even make you feel that you need to consciously or subconsciously dim your light to try and fit in.

Instead of allowing others opinions to dictate who you are, it is time to shift the narrative to one that is empowering and in alignment with you and your dreams. The first step is recognizing that any judgment being passed on you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the other person. It is about their belief system, stories they are holding on to and judgment they are passing on themselves. We are all mirrors for one another and it is likely you are making the other person feel something they do not want to feel. The second step is creating a shift in perspective. My favorite way to do this is to get curious vs. defensive.

For my entire life, I have been told I am “too sensitive”. That others needed to tiptoe around me because I am the emotional one. Throughout my own Cultivating Inner Awareness journey, I began to own my sensitivity instead of fighting it. Once I owned this part of myself, I was able to peel back the layers and see that my sensitivity allowed me to deeply feel another person's experience. I was able to step into my role as an empath, hold space and open up the healing process for myself and others. My sensitivity is my greatest superpower and allows me to do the work I do every day.

When you get curious in this way, you can actually use different parts of your personality as a roadmap for guidance and to even more deeply understand yourself. There is no right or wrong, too much or too little. Your personality traits are not an accident. Your dreams didn’t just appear. You came to this planet to be the most whole version of you and it is your mission to both understand and own who you are fully and completely. When you are living in that place of truth and authenticity, that is where the magical flow happens.

I want to challenge you to think about the ways in which you have been told you are “too much” and then feel into what your experience would be owning that and using it as your gift. “Too talkative” - it might be time to get your voice heard through a podcast or making youtube videos. “Too inconsistent” - you might love having a lot of projects going on at once vs. a set schedule and need to great a few shifts to feel more in the flow and consistently challenged. “Too emotional” - deeply being able to feel all your emotions will support you in stepping into your role as a healer, whether for yourself or others. Your emotions are guiding you and offering valuable insight.

You came here to shine your light bright and live in your truth, don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Comment below and let me know if you have had a similar experience and what your gifts are. Let’s support one another in being exactly who we came to this Earth to be.

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