Coming Home To Yourself

This self-guided mini course is a tangible expression of what it means to remember the Truth of who you are, with actionable tools you can integrate into your life right now. Coming Home To Yourself will support you in cultivating deep, unwavering self-trust through strengthening your connection to your Higher Self, grounding your energy, and co-creating with your guides. 

Cultivating deep self-trust


A return to your wholeness

You came into this world whole and healed. With your own unique gifts, talents, abilities, skills, and dreams. Your own essence, perspective, and ways of expressing yourself. It’s your original form before family, society, conditioning, and life began to separate you from yourself and the Truth of who you came to this Earth to be.

Coming home to yourself is a return to your wholeness and enoughness. A recognition of what you’ve always had and who you’ve always been.

This course is for anyone and everyone because we all need this remembering of coming back to ourselves, our Souls, and the Truth of who we are. You can utilize the tools in this course at any point in your self-discovery journey — this can be an awakening at the beginning of your journey or a potent reminder as you navigate your path. 

learn how to:

create intentional space

Become in tune with your energy cycles and work with them instead of against them

Manage how much you are consuming vs. creating

Release expectations of how you are “supposed” to feel or behave

Trust your own inner compass instead of seeking out others for advice


within this course you'll

connect to and co-create with your guides

HEllo and welcome!

Your Akashic Records Reader & Intuitive Guide.

Hilary Pearlson is an Akashic Records Reader, Intuitive Guide and Founder of The Dreamerie, a supportive space offering readings, courses, and immersion programs to guide you in aligning with your Soul's path and purpose.

For over ten years, she has drawn on her own courageous health journey to fulfill her mission of helping you heal, shift, and transform into your truest self.

You will receive:



Guided meditation and breathwork practices

beautiful pre-recorded audio and video modules with SUBTITLES / closed captioning

Tools you can integrate into your life immediately

Lifetime access to the materials to return to as often as you need

support in creating rituals and routines that are aligned with your soul



One Payment 


Total Value = $197

I created this course specifically for the times we are living in. As a collective, everyone is in a place of so much noise right now. There is no time to wait when it comes to dropping into your heart, returning to your breath, trusting your Higher Self, and remembering the Truth that you have everything you need inside of you. 

It's time to drop into your heart and remember the Truth of who you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this course require?

You can complete the course in under one hour and return back to it as often as you need.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of my work, I don’t offer refunds at this time.

Does this course included one-on-one support?

This course doesn't include one-on-one support but you can sign-up for an Akashic Records Reading here.

How can I gift this course to someone?

The easiest way to gift this course is to purchase a gift offer here: Gift Coming Home To Yourself

Upon signing up you will receive a unique code via email that you can then share with the lucky recipient. They will use that code to sign-up with their information and begin their Akashic Records journey. If you have questions about this process you can always email us at



One Payment 


Total Value = $197