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What Does It Mean To Be On A Healing Journey?

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Every one of us is on a healing journey, and what this looks like is unique for every single person.

To be on a journey is to travel from one place to another — whether that is from fear to courage, living in the past to arriving in the present moment, moving from self-doubt into fully trusting yourself and your path, and so on. Many people look at the word healing as moving from sickness to health, but the word healing comes from the old English term haelen, meaning “wholeness.” It refers to the process of moving toward a desired wholeness. This is not just as an individual but as a collective. To heal is not to go from sick to well, but to come into your full wholeness; to support your own healing so you can support that of your community. 

To me, wholeness is living a courageous life in Divine partnership (or whatever your higher power is). It is knowing with every fiber of your being that you are being supported and guided at every moment, that life is not happening to you but for you. It is trusting that every experience, even the most difficult, is bringing you closer to your truth. And most importantly, that you are whole just as you are, without changing a thing.

This path is not an easy one, and that's what makes the insights, lessons, and experiences gained that much more of a gift. There is no end to the journey, just an evolution as you learn, grow, and step into your truth.

As you take full responsibility for your life and explore your inner world, you are then able to more deeply understand yourself, to trust your innate wisdom, live in the present moment, and proceed with an open heart. You take risks, pick yourself up when you fall down, lean on your support system, and create a toolkit of practices to navigate through whatever life brings. You are committed to healing yourself to support the healing of the collective.

To walk the healing path is one of great strength. You can witness yourself growing stronger through each moment, expanding into your potential as you continue to show up with the fullness of your being. It takes a warrior to do this work, and I hope you see that warrior every time you look in the mirror. 

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