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While the health and vitality of your skin is the best canvas for any makeup, having a wonderful foundation and concealer in your beauty arsenal allows for easy coverage and the ability to use as little or as much as you need. While I am against striving for 100% perfection in any area of life (since we all know that is unrealistic!) I make it a priority to choose the products I am using every day very carefully, since they are absorbed into my body on a consistent basis. With that being said, I am not willing to sacrifice quality, performance and longevity in the products I use. Which is why my high-end concealer did not transition into a more natural alternative until I discovered Vapour Organic Beauty.

I have now been using the products for over six months and couldn’t be happier with my experience. I am a huge fan of this brand and thankful for their dedication to sustainability and consciousness in every aspect of their business. The Vapour Organic Beauty products I am reviewing today are lightweight, with just the right amount of coverage, nourishing to the skin and the quality exceeds any designer brand I have used in the past. These products last all day and truly give you the natural glow that only accentuates your beauty. Definitely a must-have!


At first glance, I felt overwhelmed with picking my perfect shade online. After going back and forth between what color *might* work, I decided to the do the free shade consultation. I filled out my information, chose a photo, answered a few questions and sent it over. Within a few hours, I had a detailed email response in my inbox explaining to me what I would need and why. I still had a couple of questions but after a few emails, I felt confident that I had made the right decision about the shades I ordered. They also offer 5 sample swatches for $15 if you have any hesitations and a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. I was feeling very confident and excited about my order. Not only that, the Vapour team made it incredibly easy, they were quick to respond and supported me in finding the best shades so that I spent my money wisely.

I have combination and fair skin with neutral undertones and I went with the following products: (here is a link for a breakdown if you want to find what shade you are)

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation 115
Stratus Instant Skin Perfector 903
Atmosphere Luminous Foundation 115
Illusionist Concealer 10

Vapour Beauty

Vapour Beauty

Vapour Beauty

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation

This is really the holy grail of foundation. It is lightweight, blends seamlessly and is the perfect product to build your look on. My favorite part is that it doesn’t need to be used all over the face (although it can be of course). I usually put 1-2 pumps on my beauty blender and use under my eyes and any red areas if needed. Then I blend and layer on the rest of my look. It is 100% natural with 70% organic ingredients / 30% minerals and essential oils. With coverage that lasts, ingredients that nourish my skin and never cause irritation, this is my go-to foundation daily and one of my favorite products to use. Vapour Beauty has seriously outdone themselves with this formula, and I would argue it is even more luxurious than the foundations from designer brands but without any of the questionable ingredients.

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation: $50

Vapour Beauty

Vapour Beauty

Illusionist Concealer

This concealer is another wonderful staple to have in your beauty bag. My go-to use every day is underneath my eyes and on top of the Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. For trouble spots, the Vapour Beauty team recommends warming against the back of your hand in a circular motion and applying directly to the spot, tapping the fingertips to blend which I have found works great for small areas I want to cover. Other ways to use include applying it under the eye in a triangle from the corner of the eye down the side of the nose and blending into the skin to illuminate the eye area. Also, using darker shades (050 and 060) to contour and lighter shades (010 and 015) to sculpt, define and highlight medium and dark skin.

During the winter, this color has been good for me since I am even more fair than usual but I will need to get 015 as we transition to warm months when I have slightly more color. I found that it is more on the sheer side, so I don’t use it exclusively under my eyes unless I layer it on top of the foundation or dab a little on any trouble spots.

Illusionist Concealer: $24

Vapour Beauty

Vapour Beauty

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation

This foundation comes in a stick, creating an effortless application and great for on-the-go. It smells wonderful, containing Vapour’s Herbal Enlightenment Complex, a mix of Frankincense, Tulsi and Lotus to soothe, calm and protect skin. To use, warm against the back of your hand in a circular motion and apply directly to the skin, blending with your fingertips. I enjoy using the Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation or Illusionist Concealer under my eyes and the Luminous Foundation on the rest of my skin. The products light reflective technology lives up to the promise of brightening skin, evening out texture and providing a natural glow. It is light, weightless and the perfect final touch for radiant skin.

Atmosphere Luminous Foundation: $44

Vapour Beauty

Vapour Beauty

Stratus Instant Skin Perfector

The Skin Perfector is what Vapour refers to as the “multi-tasking primer” and original BB cream, a moisturizer, primer and no-color foundation all-in-one. This is another excellent product to have in your beauty bag. While it doesn’t seem like much, it is lightweight and primes the skin beautifully before you begin the rest of your look. It can also act as a highlighter for a natural finish. This product contains Vapour’s Herbal Enlightenment Complex, a mix of Frankincense, Tulsi and Lotus to soothe, calm and protect skin as well as an organic Deep Moisture Complex of rich pumpkin and toning elderberry. It smells delicious, hydrates the skin and works on normal, sensitive and dry skin types. This product minimizes your makeup routine while giving you soft, radiant skin. On the days when I want just a little makeup but don’t have time for my full routine, I wash my face in the morning, apply Stratus Instant Skin Perfector, under-eye concealer, a few sweeps of mascara, and I am out the door!

Stratus Instant Skin Protector: $48

Vapour Organic Beauty Swatches

Vapour Beauty

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