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Introduction to the Akashic Records


I heard about the profound work healer Parashakti was doing through my good friend Alexa and felt inspired to set-up a session and experience it first hand. We had scheduled our call for a Friday evening; I knew I had a week full of meetings and events and it would be the perfect way to unwind and re-center myself as I moved into the weekend.

I have been on this journey of deep healing and self-discovery for over four years now. Throughout that time, I have experimented with many different healing modalities, always open to trying something new and tuning into what works. The connection to your healer is everything, and without the bond of trust – it is nearly impossible to relax fully and do the necessary work. Despite being on the phone together, miles and miles between, I felt completely safe and supported with Parashakti from the moment our call began.

Parashakti Healing

I got comfortable in my sacred space and was led through a vision quest that was nothing short of incredible. As I paid attention to each breath, I felt my entire body relax, my mind at peace. Together we got clear on what my intentions are, cleared limiting beliefs and got down to the nitty-gritty of where I was holding my grief. In one hour she was able to crack me open, pinpoint where I needed to do the work and hold my hand as we walked to the other side.

Her work is heartfelt, enlightening and honestly, it blew my mind. Afterwards, I just laid there in silence, a wave of creativity and inspiration struck, and I grabbed my pen to write it out.

Parashakti HealingParashakti is a gift and her dedication to healing through discussion, chanting, ceremonial work and dance is incredibly special. Whether you can do a session over the phone or become liberated in one of her dances classes, I can’t recommend experiencing the magic enough.

Everything you need is inside of you; her work guides you to connect with your soul’s higher purpose and remove blocks that are holding you back from aligning with your destiny. If you come with an open heart and an open mind, you will feel a shift, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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All photos by Alexa Gray of Gray Media Lab

Parashakti Healing

Parashakti Healing

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