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September Message From The Akashic Records

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September Message From the Akashic Records, Channeled for The Dreamerie Community

We are all on the metaphoric ride of our lives, moving at lightning speed. 

While it is a necessary ride, it most definitely isn’t always a comfortable one. 

The ride isn’t good or bad, right or wrong. It just is. 

If we can’t get off the ride, how can we breathe through it? 

How can we stay present with the Truth that wherever this ride is bringing us is in highest and best for all? 

It doesn’t make the ride any less intense. Or bumpy. Or overwhelming for that matter but can you find peace in knowing this ride is a necessary part of your evolution? For the evolution of the collective?

Because on this ride you are growing and expanding, and isn’t that better than staying the same? 

Trust me when I say, you don’t want to just focus on the destination. That isn’t where the depth and juiciness is.

Take a look around you. You are alive! You are more capable than you are giving yourself credit for. 

You can make it through anything. 

It’s like being in a spaceship. You can tightly close your eyes waiting until you arrive at your destination or you can keep them open, seeing planet Earth from an entirely different perspective. Allowing yourself to be reminded of the vastness of this life. Taking in the stars and galaxies around you. Remembering that you too are made of stardust. 

It’s all about perspective. 

Breathing through life’s ups and downs. 

Meeting yourself wherever you are and however you need to be. 

Taking in the beauty of life with each inhale and each exhale. 

Being present with how precious this one life truly is. 

Everything you are searching for or trying to figure out is already here. 

You just can’t see it because you are gripping on so tightly trying to get to the destination. 

You can keep your foot on the gas or you can put the ride on cruise control. It’s truly up to you. 

You don’t need to know where the ride is taking you. 

You just have to be present for the journey.

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