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November Message From The Akashic Records

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November Message From the Akashic Records, Channeled for The Dreamerie Community

You are part of a larger team and it's time to stop thinking you need to take on all the roles and play all the parts. 

This isn’t how you find joy, happiness, and peace. 

In fact, it’s the quickest way to feeling burnout and fatigue. 

Where can you pass the ball to another member on the team? To root for them and give yourself a chance to breathe?

It is a gift to be able to support you and your vision, but instead, you are looking at it through the lens of not wanting to be a bother or an inconvenience. 

That is a disservice to not only you but everyone else on the team.

When you let someone support you and be in their zone of genius, you are honoring the unique medicine you both bring to the table. 

It gives you both the opportunity to grow, expand, and transform in your own ways. 

Everyone is a healer, with their own medicine. 

When we create the space for others to express their medicine, it ripples through the collective. 

Time and space opens up in a moment. 

Presence isn’t an afterthought but a new way of being. 

Everyone is working together towards a common vision, supported in their own ways. 

Figuring out how someone else is going to do their job isn’t up to you, you are here to be a channel for your medicine. 

Can you imagine a sport where all the members stood around and left the game to one person? 

So the question is, where are you taking on too much? 

Where are you not surrendering? Where are you not asking for help? 

Where are you holding onto the ball when it’s time to pass it to someone else on the team?

Any environment that has a flow, has a team.

Know what your role is. What lights you up? What comes easy to you? What feels in flow? 

How can you do more of that? 

Start by getting clear on what that is and exploring it within yourself. 

Know that you were born to play this role. There’s nothing you need to learn, nothing you need to do or change within yourself to step into and own this role with all your heart, in doing so, allowing others to do the same. 

The beauty in all of this is that life is way more joyful and expansive when you are co-creating in it with others. 


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