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Alongside lifestyle tools, healing practices, and consciously curated Dreamerie Finds, you’ll have full access to Akashic education to support your journey.

Introduction to the Akashic Records


Welcome to The Dreamerie! This site is a vision, movement and purpose I have felt within every ounce of my being since receiving my bone marrow transplant, 6 years ago. It is a manifestation of navigating my own health and self-care over the past decade and a place I hold sacred to shine a bright light on the unique journey we are all on in honoring the importance of self-care in each of our lives.

Where I find such humor is that in many ways I was waiting for the “perfect” time to start blogging again and sharing myself. To wait until the difficult moments blew over and I could have more clarity, feel inspired and at peace.

Well . . .  if 2017 taught me anything it is that I need none of that. Not the perfectly decorated fancy apartment, the ideal weight, freshly done hair or a minimalist office space with mantra playing 24/7 for inspiration.

{ This past year has been full of transitions and transformations – more on that in next week’s post where I get very real on what went down this last year. } 

What I needed was to be authentically me and to just show up.

So that is what I am doing right now. I am showing up for myself, and I am showing up for you.

Striving for perfectionism is the last thing self-care is. Real, deep, often times uncomfortable and truly life-altering + meaningful self-care is messy. It is about digging deep and facing parts of ourselves we have looked away from because it was easier that way. It is tuning in to ourselves and asking, “what do I need right now and in this moment?”. And that is exactly, what I am doing right now.

Answering the call for my own self-care to share and be of service to this community.

The Dreamerie is a resource where you can come to get inspired, find clarity and feel a positive connection to yourself + others.

At The Dreamerie you can expect honest conversation, resources, and tips for navigating your self-care practices, personal antidotes from me about experiences I am navigating as well as lessons learned from coming out the other side of my own health struggles. And most importantly, holistic lifestyle sessions are now available to support you in better understanding how you can navigate what it means to take care of yourself in a supportive and loving environment.

I am so grateful you are here.

Lots of love,

In celebration of the launch of The Dreamerie, I am offering $100 off my sessions. Sign-up for your session here and enter “COMMUNITY” at checkout.  

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