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Dreamerie Finds No. 26

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How are you? How is your heart?

With so much heaviness in the world, it can be easy to feel like you need to just keep pushing forward. I want to remind you that it’s ok to pause. In fact, it’s encouraged. To check-in with your heart, to ask for support, and to offer support. I believe it is our responsibility to put our oxygen masks on first and use our privilege to support those in need. We truly are in this together.

If you can, let’s take a breath together now. Slowly inhaling through your nose. Pausing at the top. And exhaling through out of your mouth. Do a few more rounds at your own pace. Place one hand on your heart if it feels supportive. Allow your breath to ground and anchor you. 

Below I’m sharing the most recent Dreamerie Finds, including resources to support Ukraine and a blog post sharing ways to create spaciousness.

I would also love to ask for a favor from this beautiful community. As I’m working on the backend of the business to restructure current offerings as well as create new ones (I'm getting SO excited to share whats coming!), I would love to know what would be most supportive for you and your journey. I’ve created a short survey for your feedback and all those who fill it out will be entered to win lifetime access to a course of their choosing. The winner will be emailed on April 1st.

You can complete the survey here: The Dreamerie Community Survey

As always, I’m so deeply grateful you’re here.

With love,


i. My heart breaks for the people of Ukraine and those in Russia opposed to this war. Over the past year, I have been committed to doing my research before sharing resources and not just re-sharing posts on Instagram as this can often do more harm than good. If you’re looking for organizations to support, these are the ones I donated to: 

ii. As I restructure current offerings and built out news one, nothing is more important to me than creating what will serve you on your unique journey. If you have a moment, I would so appreciate you filling out this survey. All who complete the survey will be entered to win lifetime access to a course of their choosing.

iv. I’ve never read one of these stories without crying. This one was so powerful (tw: sexual assault).

v. Currently binging this podcast. The interviews are SO good.

vi. My relationship with IG has always been a complicated one and in the spirit of following our joy, I've been having the best time creating over on TikTok.

vii. Forever on the hunt to find clean haircare that works to hydrate and tame my curls, I have been absolutely loving Innersense products, specifically the quiet calm curl control and sweet spirit leave in conditioner.

viii. My acupuncturist recommended I include more congee in my diet so this is now at the top of my list to make.

ix. I’m a little late to the game but I’m officially OBSESSED with Notion. S/O to Jules Acree for her incredible resources on her YouTube channel. I purchased her Design Your Year pack as well and set everything up last week, highly recommend! 

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