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Dreamerie Finds No. 18

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Introduction to the Akashic Records


Oftentimes before we move through a big expansion in our lives, we have to contract — to go inward and spend time with ourselves, connecting with the person we are becoming, and the vision we are stepping into.

Much of this year has been just that for so many of us: reflecting on what life was and recreating our visions of what we hope the future will be.

A question I have been asking myself often is — how can I practice non-attachment in this moment? Where can I release my urge to want to control the outcome and instead be excited by the S P A C E that opens up when I just let go and let the Divine lead?

We will continue to be faced with the lessons we need to learn over and over until we have learned them. I have been feeling this deeply in my tendencies to want to feel “in control” in my own life. It has become a daily practice to meet myself with compassion and to recognize how much freedom comes with letting go. Giving myself permission to exist in the unknown. The space where synchronicities and miracles unfold. Where anything is possible.

One of my favorite practices is to say a prayer in the moments when I witness myself wanting to control the outcome, asking for the strength to surrender, and a sign to show me the next step to take. It has been a beautiful invitation to experience the present moment and receive guidance in the most unexpected ways.

I am thrilled to share that through the expansion I have been moving through, my podcast, Heal With Hilary has returned. This week, I am sharing an update and what to expect from the podcast moving forward, tools to create space in your life for the deeper inner work, and practicing self-compassion as an act of service. You can listen to the episode here and submit questions to be featured here.

Dreamerie Finds of the Week:

The newsletter I open every single day. Grateful for the work this team puts into educating its readers about current events through the lens of anti-racism, as well as the clear action steps to take. You can donate to support their work here.

Dan and I watched this movie last weekend and loved it. I highly recommend checking it out.

My morning meditation is currently a simple yet grounding breath awareness practice done for 11-22 minutes, depending on the time available. I have been using this playlist and then letting it play throughout my house afterward to set the tone for the day.

I have been working with Sophie Chiche of becurrent to support organization, clearing mental space, and managing energy vs. time. She has an upcoming workshop in partnership with Conscious Social Media Method where she will be teaching her process specifically as it applies to your digital presence. I am SO looking forward to it!  

What opens up in your life when you release the “shoulds” and instead follow what lights you up?

Recently invested in this bathrobe after years of dreaming of a fluffy robe and it is even better than I imagined it would be. Will be living in it for the foreseeable future 😉 

This week on Heal With Hilary, I am sharing tools to create space in your life for healing and practicing self-compassion as an act of service. You can listen to the episode here and submit your questions here.

T-minus 45 days until the most important election of our lives. 

So much gratitude that September Akashic Readings are booked out, I will be opening up October availability on September 29th.

Supportive tools when moving through transformation. 

Note to my community: Some of these links contain affiliate codes which allow me to make a small commission if you make a purchase. This is at no extra cost to you and helps to support my blog. As always, I only share items that I absolutely love and have used extensively myself. If you have any questions you can email me anytime hilary@thedreamerie.com. Thank you for your support!

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