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Introducing The Coming Home To Yourself Self-Guided Course

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Coming Home To Yourself is a self-guided course that invites you to cultivate trust within yourself and remember the Truth of who you are. In this post, you’ll learn all about the course and how to join for a special limited time offer. 


“Everything you need is within you.” 

That phrase gets thrown around a lot, especially in the spirituality world, but what does it actually mean? How do you harness that power in your everyday life? 

I wanted to create a tangible expression of this with actionable tools you can integrate into your life right now. To support you in cultivating deep, unwavering self-trust through strengthening your connection to your Higher Self. That is the intention behind my new mini course, Coming Home To Yourself. With this course, you will open yourself up to the Miracle of being tapped into your heart and being truly at home with yourself. 

In this post, you will learn: 
  • What Coming Home To Yourself means

  • How you can strengthen your intuition and drop into your sovereignty 

  • Why I created the Coming Home To Yourself course

  • Who this course is for

  • What this intuitive course includes 

  • A special offer to join Coming Home To Yourself


What does Coming Home To Yourself mean? 

I invite you to consider this…we all come into the world whole and healed with our own unique talents, abilities, and dreams. THIS is our original form. As we grow up, we take in things from society, family, conditioning, and programming that begin to move us further away from the Truth of who we are. Societal expectations put limitations on us, they make us feel small, and they teach us that we need to do things in a certain way in order to be accepted and loved. Simply put, they tell us we are not enough as we are. 

Coming Home To Yourself means returning to a place of enoughness. It means dropping all of this BS from society, standards, and programming and remembering who we are outside of status, success, and societal boxes. When you come home to yourself, you are tapped into your Highest Self. You are in a place of presence, authenticity, and fullness of who you are meant to be. You are home.

Why I created this course:

I made this course specifically for the times we are living in. As a collective, everyone is in a place of so much noise right now. It can be challenging to tune out that noise and tune into ourselves. 

This course supports you in creating the space to explore questions you may have been pushing aside:

  • Who do I want to be?
  • How do I want to express myself?
  • What is my Truth?
  • How do I come back to my Truth? 

This course is about bringing a very gentle curiosity to those questions and exploring the answers you find within yourself. I hope this offering reminds you that you truly do have everything you need within you. When you drop all that outside noise, the “shoulds” and expectations that don't belong to you, there is nothing more freeing than that. 

What you’ll learn in this intuition course:

Through this course, you will learn how to…
  • Ground your energy

  • Create space to just BE

  • Connect to your breath and heart

  • Strengthen and tap into your intuition 

  • Integrate daily practices and rituals that nourish your Soul, including meditation, breathwork, journaling, movement, prayer, and connection to Mama Earth

  • Manage how much you are consuming vs. creating

  • Release expectations of how you are “supposed” to feel or behave

  • Trust your own inner compass instead of constantly seeking out others for advice

  • Become in tune with your energy cycles and work with them instead of against them

  • Meet yourself where you are with compassion and tenderness 

  • Trust that you will receive everything you need in Divine timing

Who this course is for:

This course is for anyone and everyone because we all need this remembering of coming back to ourselves, our Souls, and the Truth of who we are. You can utilize the tools in this course at any point in your self-discovery journey — this can be an awakening at the beginning of your journey or a reminder as you navigate your path. 

You do not need to access the Akashic Records to take this course. The Records are a beautiful tool for connecting with yourself and they can be a powerful addition to this work, but they are not necessary here. Whether you feel called to go into the Akashic Records or not, this course will serve you. 

What the course includes:

The Coming Home To Yourself Course is made up of three parts: 
  • Energetics: We will set your intention for the course and explore what your intuition is, the difference between intuition and ego, and creation energy vs. consumption energy. 
  • Integration: You’ll learn the importance of being above doing, how to create intentional space in your life, aligned rituals and routines, and guidance to co-create with your guides. 
  • Embodiment: You will drop into the sovereignty of yourself by releasing expectations of who you are “supposed” to be, learn to trust in Divine timing, and honor all the dreams that feel alive within you. This is where you come home to the Truth of how you’re meant to express yourself. 

How you move through the Coming Home To Yourself mini course:

This course is based in self inquiry, and it includes a series of short self guided videos. You can complete the course in less than an hour! Watch the videos from a comfortable spot at home, or even listen to the audio while you’re on a walk. No matter how busy you are or what your life looks like right now, you can make just a little space and time to come home to yourself. 

Join us for Coming Home To Yourself! 

Coming Home To Yourself is available for pre-sale now! If you join early, you will receive the course for a special limited time offer — just $37. After November 10th 2021, the course will be available for the full price of $77. 

Click here to get the course and Come Home To Yourself.

I am so excited to serve you in this way!

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