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Breathwork Practice To Connect Back To Self

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As we prepare to move into the holiday season, a gentle reminder that no matter what is unfolding within or around you, you can always come back to your breath.

Here is a simple breathwork practice to ground and anchor you: 

One hand on belly, one hand on heart. Become aware of your breath, the prana [life force energy] within you. Deeply inhale through your nose, feeling your belly rise, and slowly exhale, feeling your breath move up and out. Repeat 3x. Allow your breath to come back to its natural rhythm, sitting in this place of stillness and non-judgmental observation for as long as you need. Send your body love and thank it for all it does for you.

I’m looking forward to sharing supportive content in the upcoming weeks including my top tools for running an intuitive business, how to protect your energy around the holidays, and messages from the Akashic Records.

With love, 

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