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Introduction to the Akashic Records


My morning meditation + self-care routine is a sacred time that allows me to start the day feeling energized and in-tune with myself. I am always looking for ways to enhance this time and tools to support the beginning of my day in a gentle and loving way.

I was recently introduced to Ajai Alchemy and immediately felt drawn to the feminine, balanced and heart-opening energy. For the past few weeks, I have been alternating between the Grace and Radiance Alchemy before I begin my Kundalini meditations and have loved including such a powerful and awakening scent before my practice.

Created and handcrafted by meditation teacher, Kundalini yogi, founder of Thyroid.Yoga and fearless goddess, Fern Oliva, these alchemy blends are subtle and powerful in all the right ways. The scent will not overpower you but the alchemy, combined with the sound current each blend is blessed with, will infuse your day with a positive, soothing energy.

Each product is handcrafted in Venice, Los Angeles with thought and intention. The Ajai Alai sound current is sung and each creation is infused with sage, palo santo and crystals. In Kundalini yoga, chanting the Ajai Alai mantra for 40 days in your daily sadhana will give you the strength to overcome any obstacle, lift you from negativity and re-align you with the Divine Vortex.

All the blends are made with certified organic and therapeutic-grade essential oils, making these products the perfect way to experience the powers of the plants they are made of. Ajai Alchemy products feel luxurious from the packaging to the scent and come with a mantra to start your day in radiant health and happiness.

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Ajai Alchemy


The Grace Alchemy is an exotic, floral-spicy scent made with rosehip, geranium, patchouli and sandalwood. I alternate between both scents before my morning meditation but find myself gravitating towards this blend throughout the day. It is soothing, uplifting and helps me to feel balanced + open.

From the Ajai Alchemy website:
Rosehip – pure Rosehip opens and expands our heart chakra, which is the center of our being
Geranium – “herb of Venus” with sensual and feminine properties, eases anxiety, depression, and stress
Patchouli – rich aphrodisiac and sedative effects
Sandalwood – another potent aphrodisiac with calming and soothing properties

Grace Alchemy Mantra: The Mother flows through me. I am graceful.


Ajai Alchemy


The Radiance Alchemy is made with rosehip, lemongrass, geranium, frankincense and peppermint. This blend will wake you up, heighten your energetic frequency and is wonderful in the support and healing of thyroid and adrenal glands.

From the Ajai Alchemy website:
Geranium – supports adrenals, lifts spirits
Lemongrass – calms nervous system, supports the thyroid
Peppermint – cools inflammation in tissues
Frankincense – balances hormones and eases inflammation

Radiance Alchemy Mantra: Trace the infinity sign on the neck before morning meditation repeating the mantra: I am the Light of my Soul. I am radiant.


Ajai Alchemy

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