21 Day Transformation + Healing Herb & Grain Salad

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Alongside lifestyle tools, healing practices, and consciously curated Dreamerie Finds, you’ll have full access to Akashic education to support your journey.

Introduction to the Akashic Records


Expansive, mind-blowing change can happen when we are in an environment where we feel supported, heard and inspired. This was exactly my experience when I underwent the last 21 Day Transformation with Holistic Nutritionist, Kristin Dahl and Health Coach, Alexa Gray.

Through their work, I was able to open up, shift my relationship with food, meet new incredible souls and received the most amazing goodie bag in the mail full of beautiful holistic products that assisted me in using the tools I acquired even after the cleanse was over.

Research shows that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Well, I believe this is even more true when those days are filled with a tribe who is on the same path, experts who are there to answer any questions you have and endless inspiration to quickly alleviate anxiety and fears through the process.

I am so thankful to both Kristin and Alexa for the work they do and for bringing together a community of like-minded souls that can be there for each other and share in the journey together.

I already signed up for the next round and can’t wait to begin on Sunday, May 1st. It feels like the perfect time for an adjustment and knowing how much I got out of the last transformation, I can’t wait to get started!

Below, Kristin and Alexa share what to expect from the 21 Day Transformation, the goodies that will arrive in your inbox (and mailbox!) and one of the recipes from the program, an Herb & Grain Spring Salad with Lemon Cumin Dressing that is packed full of nutritional benefits and bursting with flavor.

If you feel inspired to sign-up, use “jewelsofadreamer” at checkout for $40 off. I already have, and hope to see you there to go through the program together. Join the 21 Day Transformation here!

21 Day Transformation with Kristin and Alexa 21 DAY TRANSFORMATION

K & A – Together, we created a program that will show you how to slow down, simplify your life, and find balance within. Our 21 Day Online Program incorporates all essential aspects of the mind-body-spirit connection to help you lead a harmonious, healthy, and holistic life. This Spring, answer your natural call to embrace the foods & the energetic changes that are happening all around you by aligning with the season. We focus on the abundance of new energy and the commitment to nourishing and rejuvenating practices that will realign us with our natural vitality.

During the 21 days we eliminate sugar, gluten, dairy, and for those who can handle it- caffeine. Despite this, the program isn’t really about deprivation. It’s about implementing sustainable diet & lifestyle shifts so that you feel fully energized and renewed. The program works to reset your internal systems, blood sugar, and hormones in order to invigorate the body. It’s also a fantastic way to be part of a group, feel supported & motivated, and stick to your commitments, taking full responsibility for your day-to-day wellness.

It’s all about coming into alignment with a rhythm that’s sustainable for your life.

PROGRAM INCLUDES: • The Art of Wellness E-Book • 21 Day Transformation Guide • 21 Day Meal Plan with Vegan, Vegetarian & Paleo Options • Optional 3-Day Juice Cleanse • Private Facebook Group • Weekly Group Conference Call • Weekly Newsletter • Holistic Gift Box • Discount on follow up Nutrition Consultation

Enjoy this simple and delicious recipe from the program!

Herb & Grain Spring Salad

1 Cup Cooked Short Grain Brown Rice
½ Cup Chopped Parsley
½ Cup Chopped Cilantro
Optional –1/2 Cup Mint Or Basil
1/3 Cup Toasted Pine Nuts
1 Small Sweet Potato Diced Into Blocks And Baked (400 For 20-30mins)
Optional – Chopped Chicken, Chickpeas Or Tempeh

½ Teaspoon Himalayan Sea Salt
1 Teaspoons Freshly Grated Lemon Zest
1 Teaspoon Ground Cumin
3 Tbsp. Fresh Lemon Juice
3 Tbsp. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Directions: Cook Rice Bake Sweet Potato Chop Herbs & Toast Pine Nuts Make Dressing Combine All Ingredients & Serve!

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